Alongame – or at least, the first project under the Alongame umbrella – ran from May-June 2021. Below is a rough overview, though for anyone interested in the project, looking at the player contributions on the Alongame website or the Alongame games on itch might be better!

Alongame is a new experiment in worldbuilding through role-play, using a month of free game releases and related streams to bring together players to collaborate remotely in creating an imagined world together.

Each week, players will be sent a selection of games and, in playing them, they will expand and explore the world of Alongame together. Together, the four weeks of releases will cover four generations in Alongame, each week’s contributions and discoveries shaping the next week’s games.

There will also be weekly streams, offering both opportunities for players to communicate with each other and the creative team alongside new discoveries and media about the world of Alongame.

This project is a collaboration with Thryn Henderson, Mo Holkar, Hannah Raymond-Cox and Isa S-A. The first games will be released on 28th May, to everyone subscribed to the Alongame mailing list. Click here to subscribe to the list.

Hopefully, this will be the first project under a general Alongame banner of games and events that combine role-playing and theatrical elements in experiences centred around collaboration and community.

(The name is said ‘alonga-me’; it’s Norfolk dialect for ‘with me’, and I don’t get to use Norfolk things enough in the work I make, and the sentiment of invitation and doing something together meant I leapt at using this for the project.)

Over the course of the month, responses and various materials will be added to the core Alongame website – – so this is the best place to see everything unfold. Those who aren’t on the mailing list will still have access to streams and suchlike, but games will only be available to mailing list subscribers.

Want to be a part of Alongame? Subscribe to the mailing list to play along, help build the world and watch it grow.

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