In a world of supernatural intervention, uncontrolled technology and eerie coincidence, there is one constant: you.

Otherworld is a mini-anthology of six solo tabletop role-playing games, all telling stories that exist in a Twilight Zone-esque world…

Double Take: a journalling game, following week in the life of a person seemingly haunted by a doppelgänger.

A Fork In The Road: a zero-materials game, about a faulty teleporter and how it changes its users and their lives.

Messenger: a LARP, where you play someone who must choose which of two mysterious messages to believe.

One. Fixed. Point: an audio game, where you play a scientist lost in a space between realities, trying to get home.

Vacuum: a twine-based game, where you play a crew member of a space shuttle, dealing with strange disappearances…

Waiting: a card game, exploring the day a diner worker crosses paths with a strange figure known only as The Customer.

Playtime: From 5-30 minutes, depending on the game

Play if: you want storytelling-rich gaming experiences easily playable in isolation; you enjoy stories that play with ideas of reality, identity and truth; you want brief opportunities to step outside yourself and explore deep ideas

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