I’m a physical game-designer with a background in immersive, interactive and game-based performance

My theatre background normally comes through in my games in one way or another – whether it’s character-driven narratives, mechanics focused on emotional tension, the incorporation of technical and design elements into play, or some other way.

I will be facilitating the upcoming Radio Elusia Game Jam for Boundless Theatre on 17th-18th July.

As well as making tabletop role-playing games and LARPs, I have also worked as a facilitator and co-designer for megagames (Bring Them Home, 2019, facilitator; Republic, 2020, facilitator and co-designer). I also co-ran Adventurers Wanted, a company specialising in live and streamed actual plays from 2017-2020.

Info about my performance work can be found at http://www.chloemashitermakesthings.wordpress.com

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