Alongame [applications now closed]

roll / flip / draw is looking for 4 creative collaborators (combining role-playing game designers and creatives from across the performing arts), for a new project combining gaming and performance.

Alongame is an experiment in telling stories, imagining worlds and creating communities. Various specifics of the project will only be fixed when everyone is on board, but the current fixed points are:

  • Alongame is the name of an imagined place – one which is difficult to get to, but which can be learned about, communicated with, and remotely accessed through ritual-like games.
  • These games will be created by the team and made freely available for anyone to play. Each game will invite players to share, in some way, what discoveries were made and stories were told in the playing of it.
  • The contributions from players of the games will be the inspiration for regular digital releases (whether storytelling streams, short films, original music, or something else entirely) that expands the world of Alongame, created by the creative collaborators.
  • The project will run over eight weeks (from the initial devising session to the feedback and debrief session), with collaborators engaged part-time during this period. The typical time commitment each week will be:
    • A 3hr group devising session
    • 1 day of independent work
    • A 3hr call for a livestream (only weeks 4-7; streams are unlikely to run this long but the 3hrs includes tech set-up and post-stream check-ins. If the projects moves to a means of sharing other than livestream, this time will be generally dedicated towards that.)
  • The entire project will be run remotely and will not require any in-person activity.

Collaborators will be paid London Living Wage (£10.85 p/h) for their involvement, totalling £922.25 over the course of the project; this covers the above time commitments and a feedback and debrief session at the end of the project.

Collaborators must have an enthusiasm for participatory work and collaborative storytelling, and thrive in flexible and fast-moving devising processes. Collaborators must either be role-playing game designers (whether tabletop, live-action, or digital), or creatives in the performing arts (whether actors, poets, musicians or something else entirely!). An interest in working with role-playing games is essential, but prior practical experience with them is not.

Applications are encouraged regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity or disability. All roll / flip / draw projects are inclusive and supportive spaces and any collaborators are expected to share this ethos. People are also welcome to apply regardless of time zone, on the understanding that BST will be the default time for daytime meetings/evening streams and suchlike; collaborators must be 18 or over.

Alongame will be creatively led by Chloe Mashiter (who makes games as roll / flip / draw); Chloe will be contributing to the project primarily as a game-designer, but their exact creative role will depend on the team that’s assembled and the balance of everyone’s skills and experience.

If you would like to be involved…

Please fill out this Google Form by noon on April 9th; you can also upload video or audio recordings using the form if preferred.

If those modes of submission pose a barrier, please email and alternatives can be worked out. Any questions about the project can also be directed to that email – please title any such emails ‘Alongame’.

Everyone who expresses interest will be contacted, whether they are asked to participate or not.

After the submission deadline, some people will be contacted about a casual 20-30 minute video or phone call, to discuss their work and the project in more detail with Chloe. (Again, if phone or video calls presents an accessibility barrier to you, do say and a suitable alternative will be found.) Individuals will be paid £10.85 for their time for these conversations.

Following these discussions, 4 individuals will be offered roles on the project.

(Why is it called ‘Alongame?’ Well, Chloe’s from Norfolk, and ‘alonga me’ means ‘with me’ in Norfolk dialect. Plus, as one word it reads like ‘a long game’, and the hope is that there will be multiple future projects that find different ways to expand on the world of this game and involve people in the building of it.)

2 thoughts on “Alongame [applications now closed]

    1. Hi Pãdraig – unfortunately the deadline for applications on this project has passed (editing the post’s title now to more clearly reflect this!) but there will hopefully be similar kinds of opportunities in future. If you keep an eye out at @chloemashiter there’ll be announcements in the next couple of weeks about this and if you play along/catch what is put out that will hopefully give a good sense of what projects under the Alongame umbrella will look like!


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